About Kiva Han

It was back in 2007 when the thought of opening a coffee house came to mind! The founder got his inspiration from Europe back in his study years and experienced the intense coffee culture that is being celebrated in that part of the world. Right after falling back to Bangladesh it was his only mission to get in that space. Back then there were almost no gourmet coffee houses present in the market. However due to many reasons that dream was on hold. It took him several years to be confident enough and having enough capital to open the doors to his flagship outlet named after ‘KIVA HAN’. The origins of coffee culture is what drove the idea of re-creating a brand in the local scene and help grow coffee drinkers. In 2013 the long nurtured dream came to being and promises to serve countless happy moments in the coming years.

The Kiva Han Way

Our mission is to save the nation from ordinary coffee. Back in the days most people thought this was a noble yet hopelessly unachievable task. But every cup of our Kiva Han blend created since then has helped us in our quest. Now we’re aiming to become the nation’s favorite coffee shop, and yet another step closer to a world where bland, average coffee is consigned to history.

A drop of history in every cup

In Dhaka, a coffee shop owner’s realization that people were missing out on the true taste of brewed coffee led to the founding of a flagship outlet in Gulshan-1, the city’s commercial hub. Despite struggling to convince others of the potential, the shop aimed to help people appreciate the second most traded commodity in the world.

Responsible Coffee

We want our coffee to leave a lasting impression on you, not our environment. That’s why we do everything we possibly can to look after the communities we serve, and the world we live in.

The Coffee

Every little sip counts.
We take our environmental responsibilities just as seriously as we take our coffee. That’s why 100% of the coffee we use to make our unique blend comes from sustainably grown beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

The Cup

The secret to making a great cup of coffee? A great coffee cup.
At Kiva Han we always source the finest ingredients, and that goes for our coffee cups too. Each one of our iconic recycleable cups is made using only certified sustainable pulp and vegetable, instead of oil-based, ink.

Join the winning team and become a franchisee of our top-rated brand today!

If you would like more information on our full store franchise proposition then mail us at: franchise@kivahancafe.com
At KIVA HAN we’re always looking for opportunities to bring our hand-crafted, barista served coffee and carefully selected food range to the masses. So why not enhance your business by joining us as a franchise partner? You can incorporate a full KIVA HAN coffee boutique into your business as a corporate franchisee or even take the KIVA HAN brand internationally. We’re there for support, and to ensure that your customers will always enjoy the quality coffee and stylish ambiance of the authentic KIVA HAN coffee shop.
Our corporate franchise offer has been established for partners who want to operate a full KIVA HAN coffee shop within their own environment. We work with partners in diverse locations, from motorway service areas and forecourts, to hotels and cinemas, universities and hospitals. We have worked hard for many years to establish the quality of the KIVA HAN brand and our corporate franchisees operate within a clear structure to ensure that wherever KIVA HAN is served, KIVA HAN customers can expect the same high standards.
Due to the phenomenal growth we have seen in recent years in Bangladesh Individual Franchise, we are recruiting further franchisees, and there are ‘new’ franchise regions currently available in Bangladesh. We will update this website as and when the situation changes, so please do feel free to check back in the future.
We work with our international franchise partners in many countries around the world. Our partners are experienced at franchising brands within their market and use their local knowledge, strategic skills and customer focus to increase the presence of the quality KIVA HAN brand all over the world. For our international development we are looking to award master franchise rights to established businesses who have experience in franchising other brands within their market using local industry knowledge, with access to property and capital.