Kiva Han

Kiva Han is inspired by the world's first coffee shop in 1475 Constantinople, Turkey. It's an enthused gathering of coffee drinkers and fusion food lovers. A place where intellects, professionals, artists and youth throng together to enliven each others lives by experiencing Kiva Han Life Style!

Italian Special Menu (New Launched)

  • Dory Toast
  • ৳  200.00
  • Dory Crepes
  • ৳  340.00
Dory fish with Potato, mushrooms & cream
  • Spaghetti Scolio
  • ৳  450.00
W Cuttle fish, calamari, prawn, tomato, olive oil
  • Spaghetti Calamari
  • ৳  390.00
W zucchini, pistachios, tomato, olive oil
  • Fettucine Dory
  • ৳  320.00
W long beans, broccoli tomato, olive oil
  • Prawn Penne with Mushrooms & Cream
  • ৳  480.00
  • Muossaka
  • ৳  390.00
Eggplant, beef, bechamel, parmesan, mozzarella
  • Vhetki with Potatos & Spinach
  • ৳  340.00



Operating Hours

Outlet Operating Hours
Gulshan Saturday - Thursday
10.00 AM - 11.00 PM
02.00 PM - 11.00 PM
Grameen Phone Center, Bashundhara Sunday - Thursday
08.00 AM - 06.00 PM
Friday - Saturday
Software Technology Park, Kawran Bazar Saturday - Thursday
12.00 AM - 09.00 PM
Friday Off
UNICEF, Shahbag Sunday - Thursday
09.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Friday - Saturday
BATB, Mohakhali Sunday - Thursday
09.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Friday - Saturday

Kiva Han


Its an unique coffee shop with delectable offerings in its menu. A constant refinement of its offerings are at the core of Kiva Han. Fine quality coffee with gourmet food are to be served in a very rustic yet trendy ambiance.It will take you through the journey of the coffee houses history in this world through its own signature art work and visuals. We welcome you to get inspired by Kiva Han in engaging into rich and knowledge evolutionary discussions while enjoying a quality time.